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Celebrating 5 years of playing the best Christian oldies!

You’ll hear songs from the 1970’s through the 2000’s! The name suggests just the hits, but you’ll hear your favorites, and maybe even find some new ones!  Hopefully, as you listen to the oldies here, they will encourage you – and maybe even bring back some great memories!

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As you listen to Classic Christian Hits Radio, you’ll hear some of the pioneers and early songs of contemporary Christian music. Singers like Amy Grant – who signed her first record contract at 15! You’ll also hear a man ahead of his time, and taken from us too early – Keith Green – who wanted people to hear the message in his music so much, he decided to give them free to people who couldn’t afford to buy his records! Then there’s Phil Keaggy, one of the most gifted guitarists in the world, and probably THE top one in the world! Another pioneering group is Petra,who used their hard rock to spread the message. Although they were loud, they ALWAYS made sure the words to their songs were right out front. As they said in an interview – if you couldn’t hear their message, they wouldn’t be any different from any other rock band! They toured and recorded for over three decades, influencing numerous other musicians!

Back in the early days, it was called Jesus Music … because people had just found Jesus, and wanted to tell people about it in a way that they would understand! Even into the 80’s and later, this was going on. Take, for example, Kerry Livgren of the group Kansas, who began putting some of the message of his newfound faith into his Kansas songs. In the early days, those who forged ahead, met a lot of opposition, and some unfortunately gave up! Others took it in stride and continued with their mission … to tell everyone they could about the change in their life. So although you may not be familiar with a lot of the very early music that’s on Classic Christian Hits Radio, without them, it would not be what it has become today … one of the most listened to and best selling genres available in the music world!

I hope you’ll not only listen to the music, and the short thought provoking programs that come up throughout the day, but you’ll feel excited enough to share it with your family, friends, and coworkers! It would also be a HUGE help if you would consider supporting the station financially, either one time, or monthly – because it’s not free to keep it running! My family and I have borne the financing costs to get this up and running! Even as little as $5 or $10 each month, when multiple people take that step, adds up … and it will help to continue to improve what the
station is doing! Thanks again for listening, and hopefully supporting what we’re doing!